Backyard Dinner with the Ladies

A beautiful ladies dinner doesn't have to be complicated. Just use what you have, kick your shoes off and call your local eatery to make dinner so you don't have to. When everyone brings something to the table, literally, a fancy table-scape comes together easily.

Luckily, we have an awesome community with creative ladies here in the Lafayette area. We all support each other, especially in our businesses. Mia, Sophie and Amelia run Root Floral Design, Catherine is a wedding photographer for Catherine Guidry Photography, Lindsey photographs families for Lindsey Rogers Photography, Ashley supplies wedding rentals with Pure Vintage Rentals, and I focus on photography and business branding. So when planning this ladies dinner, this pretty setting just fell into place.

Sophie had the grand idea for the jasmine floral runner that stretched down the entire 12 ft length of Ashley's custom metal and wood table. We added a rug and a few pillows for seating and vualá!

To make things easy, we ordered takeout from Lafayette’s local, Pop’s Poboys, which was perfect and elegantly paired with another local staple- Zapp's potato chips. Rosemary and mint from Amelia’s garden were added in with the fruit infused water, and Ashley brought her famed gluten free strawberry donuts. Add some mixed fruit salad and Lindsey’s cocktails and you have a feast
for queens. 

A ladies night at Jason's Deli would have been just as nice, but we had to step it up a notch. I cannot wait to see how our next dinner will turn out. 

Photography- Haylei Smith
Decor- Pure Vintage Rentals
Florals- Root Floral Design
Food- Pop's Poboys


Gluten Free Pound Cake

I've learned that you can pretty much make anything you want to eat in a healthier way. So the other day when I had to have a piece of pound cake, I found a Land O Lakes recipe that was on the right track, but still needed some shaping up. Where it called for butter or milk, I used coconut oil and almond milk instead. And since I didn't already have a GF flour mix, I came up with my own.


2 1/2 cups almond flour
2 heaping tbl spn psyllium husk
2 heaping tbl spn tapioca flour
2 tea snp baking powder
dash of sea salt

1 cup coconut oil
1 cup almond milk
1 cup or less of maply syrup
3 eggs
splash of vanilla

Mix wet ingredients. Mix dry ingredients in a separate bowl. Make a slurry for the psyllium husk with a little water before adding it to the wet ingredients. Then combine the dry and wet together.

Prepare your baking pan. Bake on 350 for around 40 minutes.

This recipe makes 4 small loafs- as shown in the picture- or 1 large cake. I chose to make the smaller cakes so that I can wrap and freeze them for a rainy day when I want something quick.

I like to serve these hot with strawberries and coconut ice cream!




Denver- obviously I have been underestimating this city for a long time. Recently I was able to really visit it for the first time and realized that there are SO many hidden gems. And they are all hiding in plain sight. If you like locally owned, non chain restaurants, coffee shops and book stores, you need to visit soon. Hopefully I will get around to posting a few pictures of spots that Marc and I really loved.

One of these gems is the highly talented, Anna Smith (AKA AnnaBode.) I was blessed to get to work with her while I was visiting Denver last month. Her style is everything I love in a home; Minimal, Eclectic, and intentional. And she has a particular eye for art and textiles. Here are some images from our shoot.

Kat Ambrose Photography logo

Kat and I graduated together from the Art Institute, and I have to say, she is one talented cookie. I was excited when she asked me to design her logo and immediately knew the direction to go in. She is modern, feminine and has Indian heritage. So I wanted to incorporate all these characteristics into her logo design. Here it is!


Mom's Dehydrated Lemons

My mother is always coming up with something new. Lately she has been canning jams and dehydrating anything she can get her hands on. She can pack 3-4 lemons into one of these jars. Dehydrated lemons is a new one for me, but tasty nonetheless.

To use, simply place in your water/ tea and allow enough time to hydrate... Put a couple of these boys in a a baggy for your purse and you will never be far from your favorite lemony drink. 

Blissful Hill

Blissful Hill is a wedding venue with two locations, Dripping Springs and Austin TX. If you are in to big white barns with lots of light and beautiful scenery, you will have to check them out. I think they even have ponies!

I was excited when they approached me to design their logo, which lead to business cards and their website, which is currently still underconstruction. I am happy that we made the connection and can not wait to see the beautiful weddings/ events that are held there.

Here is a preview of their logo suite and business cards.

Sandy Moss

Sandy Is a private jeweler in the Nashville area, basing out of Franklin. I was pretty excited when she contacted me about her business branding and couldn't wait to start sketching out some ideas. We kept things pretty simple with a monogram logo and using "mossy" green and gold for the color pallet. And, of course, it was only natural that, as a jeweler, she should have gold foil business cards. Take a look!

Baby Matthew

I had the great honor and privilege of photographing the cutest newborn baby last week. His name is Matthew, and though he may be small, he has the mightiest personality. Congrats to Fiorella and Kyle for their newest family member. He is already a stud!

Wes Holt Team head shots

The Wes Holt Team is a group of realtors in the Lafayette Louisiana area. They are fun, spunky, and are in on all the great housing locations in the area. Since they are such a fun group, they didn't the traditional stuffy realtor portrait. So, we took the shoot outdoors.

Lori Vrba's New Site

I keep meeting awesome people right and left. The funny thing is that through this digital age of social connections, most of the people I work with are thousands of miles away and I never actually get to see or shake their hand. But I love it! And I was so excited when Becki Griffin, who I had just finished business branding and website design for, introduced me to her very best friend who was ready to do some work on her own branding. 

Lori Vrba is a self taught film photographer who displays her work in shows all over the country. She is based out of North Carolina, and let me tell you, this lady is full on inspiration and spunk. If you don't already, you should follower her on instagram and check out what she is up to.. My personal favorite is her nest. Yes. She has built a nest thats probably big enough to throw a party in. Search the instgram hashtag to see what I am talking about #obsessedwiththenest.

 Instead of a traditional logo design, Lori decided that she wanted to simply have her signature vectorized! Before, she would write her name on the gallery walls with a black sharpie. Now, with her vector file, she can have a large wall decal made, which will keep her out of lots of trouble :) I am glad for that. 

Lori and I are so excited to finally announce the launch of her new website that we have been working on :) Here is a peak, but please hop over and check it out at WWW.LORIVRBA.COM


Charlies River

Nashville has a new band on scene. Straight out of Franklin, these guys are singing their hearts out. Luckily for me, they asked if I would design their logo. Uh, YES.

Logo and Business Card design for The POC

I recently revamped the logo I had designed for The Pentecostals of Crowley a few years back. We kept the over all design concept the same, but tweaked the colors and changed up the wording layout a bit. Last week I designed the business cards and printed over 2,000! I was excited to see how they came out :)

House Dressings in Parade of Homes 2016

Another year of the Parade of Homes for the Lafayette area has left me wanting to sell my home and move into one of their beautifully designed homes. I am inhumanly teased into falling in love as I photograph room after room.. and then I have to leave. I guess this was the mission of the tour all along. So, well done home builders, stylist and everyone else who is involved in making the Parade of Homes happen.

This home was designed and built by W Homes and was featured in the tour! They hired the expertise of House Dressings Lafayette to style and decorate each room. I have to say, like always, House Dressings nailed it. Oh and that beautiful piece of art hanging over the mantle is by Lafayette local, Elizabeth Simon.

Precise Finishes Logo design

Precise Finishes in a local painting company here in Lafayette, Louisiana. They hadn't really thought too much into their business branding and identity since they already had so many clients simply by word of mouth. I think that is awesome that they could be so successful by reputation alone, however I thought it was even more awesome that they allowed me to work with them in designing a logo that they could be recognized by! We chatted about their ideas and vision, then I worked up a few visuals for them. Here are the final results:

Caroline Youngblood- Cotton Abstracts

My job covers a wide range of things- from logo design, to product photography and everything in between. So I love it when something a little out of the ordinary comes along to freshen things up!  Caroline Youngblood contacted me a few weeks ago needing her art photographed for reproduction. She had set up for a show at Kelli Kaufman Studio and Gallery in downtown Lafayette and wanted wanted to document them before they were sold. The studio was so bright and airy, and her cotton abstracts looks beautiful on display.

I hope more people contact me to do so for their works of art, because I loved it.

Power Zone Logo Design

Austin First Church is sprucing their Kids Church events up with a new logo design! This one was so much fun to work on :) I designed several graphics that they could use interchangeably with their marketing materials. Sometimes it's nice to have a little stamp instead of the whole logo, you know?

I even got a little crazy with the display layout I created and photographed. Who doesn't like crayons and glitter?

River Ranch Styled Home: House Dressings Lafayette

River Ranch in Lafayette Louisiana is FILLLLLEEDDD with beautiful and unique homes. Some are modern, some Acadian style, but each one is so beautiful and so different from the next. House Dressings Lafayette is a company that stages houses, spaces, places... This home was up for sale, so with the help of Molly and her team, they sold at lightning speed. House Dressings used decor that was already at the house and rearranged a few things to make better sense of the space. As always, they did such a nice job.

Brooke's Head Shots

Last Monday I had the awesome opportunity to photograph this lovely lady for her business! Brooke has been chosen to be the 2016 "face" of the company she works for and was in need of some head shots for the occasion! I was thrilled that she contacted me to photograph them and am equally as excited for her accomplishment :)