What's On Your Counter?

Yesterday as I was listening to the radio, a lady was speaking about the health benefits of a bowl of fruit being out on your counter. Simply having the fruit in your line of vision would increase your chances to make a better snack choice and thus would lead to better health. It made me think of the possible choices I would make if I had certain things displayed in my home as well as certain things put away. Then I realized; my camera is always tucked away in the camera bag. All the memories I fail to document because it is out of sight and out mind. If I take a few seconds to think about it... I hardly have any photographs of my sweet and lovely life, except the ones carelessly stored on my iphone that could so easily be broken. I am a PHOTOGRAPHER for goodness sake. Shame be upon me. Perhaps it is the association of work that keeps me from taking pictures on a casual basis, but I am changing my ways today.

This morning I placed my camera on the counter- literally. And then something crazy happened. I made tortillas. Homemade. From scratch. Then, I photographed.

I had to ask myself, "what's on my counter." Whether it was something missing from it, or something that needed to be taken off. I am sure there is much rearranging to do, but Rome wasn't built in a day. Today the first brick laid was my camera and the promise to take more pictures.

So with the introduction of my new website and, consequently, my new blog, I bring to you: HOMEMADE TORTILLAS