TBT- Nathan, Fayth and Esra.

Almost a year ago I photographed this beautiful family. Today Esra is running around like a wild child with gorgeous crystal blue eyes and a just enough teeth to wrap around her favorite snack; carrots. Her first word was "Mama", which, Fayth admits was a product of several days worth of brainwashing. One thing that is sure to mesmerize this little one is ANYTHING that feels soft like velvet. If her tiny baby hand brushes against a blanket, it's instant thumb sucking/ mini five second nap time for her.

One of the coolest things about Fayth and Nathan, other than being some of my closest friends, is how adventurous they are. These guys are world travelers, and they aren't going to let a pregnancy or a baby stop them. While they were pregnant they visited Brussels, Dordrecht, Rotterdam, Rome, Vatican City, Amsterdam, Paris, London, New York and Chicago, and "baby mooned" in Charleston, South Carolina. Esra isn't even a full year old yet, and she has more travel reward points than I do! Since she was born, this family has been to Hot Springs, Panama City, Columbus, Chicago, and Nashville.

I'm so excited to see what life has in store for Nathan and Fayth now that they have Esra in their lives! This chick is already blooming with personality and will officially be one year old on October the 20th! Happy (early) Birthday Esra! #lifewhithesra