The Dragonfly Boutique

Lately I have been developing branding for small businesses. I must confess, I am loving it. To finally find your "thing" is like going to the pen isle at Office Depot (having a billion to choose from makes things complicated, people. Stay with me here) and a pack of the most precious gel pens glowing and shouting to you "Haylei, I am the pack for you!!!!" I have never actually had that happen before, although I am sure that someone out there has. My life search is over.. I think I have found my "thing."

The first thing is first. Logo design.

The Dragonfly Boutique, owned by Amy Richard, is based out of the Lafayette, Louisiana area. They revamp furniture, design quilts.. and the list goes on. If you need an interesting conversational piece, take a look at their inventory.

I was pleased when they asked me to design their logo.