House Dressings Lafayette

House Dressing Lafayette has been aiding in the sell of new and old homes since 2010. Molly Kallenberger and her team can completely reinvent a space by simply rearranging what is already there, or by bringing in a truckload of new furniture and decorations. Their eye for style and layout was what impressed me the first time I saw their work in action about a year ago. While photographing a model home for Manuel Builders I was swept away the minute I walked through the doors. They started with a blank canvas, and decorated the space with warm and cozy accents for a stylish, "lived in" feeling. It was a sad moment when I realized that I had to eventually leave, instead of moving in. 

Since then I have worked with Molly, the founder of House Dressings, several times. I have to say, their team knows how to have fun, and knock it out of the park every time. Here is a behind the scenes look. For more detail and information, please stop by their site.