Lori Vrba's New Site

I keep meeting awesome people right and left. The funny thing is that through this digital age of social connections, most of the people I work with are thousands of miles away and I never actually get to see or shake their hand. But I love it! And I was so excited when Becki Griffin, who I had just finished business branding and website design for, introduced me to her very best friend who was ready to do some work on her own branding. 

Lori Vrba is a self taught film photographer who displays her work in shows all over the country. She is based out of North Carolina, and let me tell you, this lady is full on inspiration and spunk. If you don't already, you should follower her on instagram and check out what she is up to.. My personal favorite is her nest. Yes. She has built a nest thats probably big enough to throw a party in. Search the instgram hashtag to see what I am talking about #obsessedwiththenest.

 Instead of a traditional logo design, Lori decided that she wanted to simply have her signature vectorized! Before, she would write her name on the gallery walls with a black sharpie. Now, with her vector file, she can have a large wall decal made, which will keep her out of lots of trouble :) I am glad for that. 

Lori and I are so excited to finally announce the launch of her new website that we have been working on :) Here is a peak, but please hop over and check it out at WWW.LORIVRBA.COM