House Dressings in Parade of Homes 2016

Another year of the Parade of Homes for the Lafayette area has left me wanting to sell my home and move into one of their beautifully designed homes. I am inhumanly teased into falling in love as I photograph room after room.. and then I have to leave. I guess this was the mission of the tour all along. So, well done home builders, stylist and everyone else who is involved in making the Parade of Homes happen.

This home was designed and built by W Homes and was featured in the tour! They hired the expertise of House Dressings Lafayette to style and decorate each room. I have to say, like always, House Dressings nailed it. Oh and that beautiful piece of art hanging over the mantle is by Lafayette local, Elizabeth Simon.

Precise Finishes Logo design

Precise Finishes in a local painting company here in Lafayette, Louisiana. They hadn't really thought too much into their business branding and identity since they already had so many clients simply by word of mouth. I think that is awesome that they could be so successful by reputation alone, however I thought it was even more awesome that they allowed me to work with them in designing a logo that they could be recognized by! We chatted about their ideas and vision, then I worked up a few visuals for them. Here are the final results:

Caroline Youngblood- Cotton Abstracts

My job covers a wide range of things- from logo design, to product photography and everything in between. So I love it when something a little out of the ordinary comes along to freshen things up!  Caroline Youngblood contacted me a few weeks ago needing her art photographed for reproduction. She had set up for a show at Kelli Kaufman Studio and Gallery in downtown Lafayette and wanted wanted to document them before they were sold. The studio was so bright and airy, and her cotton abstracts looks beautiful on display.

I hope more people contact me to do so for their works of art, because I loved it.

Power Zone Logo Design

Austin First Church is sprucing their Kids Church events up with a new logo design! This one was so much fun to work on :) I designed several graphics that they could use interchangeably with their marketing materials. Sometimes it's nice to have a little stamp instead of the whole logo, you know?

I even got a little crazy with the display layout I created and photographed. Who doesn't like crayons and glitter?

River Ranch Styled Home: House Dressings Lafayette

River Ranch in Lafayette Louisiana is FILLLLLEEDDD with beautiful and unique homes. Some are modern, some Acadian style, but each one is so beautiful and so different from the next. House Dressings Lafayette is a company that stages houses, spaces, places... This home was up for sale, so with the help of Molly and her team, they sold at lightning speed. House Dressings used decor that was already at the house and rearranged a few things to make better sense of the space. As always, they did such a nice job.

Brooke's Head Shots

Last Monday I had the awesome opportunity to photograph this lovely lady for her business! Brooke has been chosen to be the 2016 "face" of the company she works for and was in need of some head shots for the occasion! I was thrilled that she contacted me to photograph them and am equally as excited for her accomplishment :)




Becki Griffin's Curious Details

For a while I have been pinning Becki Griffins work on Pinterest without really knowing. It wasn't until we started working with each other that I realized I was already a huge fan of hers! My "Dream House Ideas" features her work several times. (Don't try to look though, that board is private.)

She is a photographer, stylist and decorator.. and you have probably seen her work published in Country Living magazine several times! She is absolutely amazing at what she does.

A month or so ago, Becki decided she wanted to upgrade her blog. So we put our heads together and came up with a plan to incorporate her old blog to a new website/ portfolio. I was pretty pumped up about about the whole situation and after a few weeks, she had a new logo, website, facebook banner and emailing system. You know how it is, like when you go to the grocery store for milk and leave with a buggy full. Why not? She and I both believe that if you are going to do something, you might as well go all out! I'm just glad she chose me to tackle all of these things.

I have to say, it was so much fun working with Becki. She is kind, laid back and witty. And she reminded me that being professional doesn't mean that you have to be all business and uptight, because she definitely isn't. We laughed, freaked out, laughed about freaking out, we bounced ideas off each other, planned, and conquered.

Click here to view the new Curious Details site!


Lindsey's Invitations

Lindsey is a lady with vision. When we started talking about her wedding invitations and save the dates, she already had a clear idea of what she wanted. She just needed someone to put her thoughts to paper. The main points were; painted florals, gold foil, black, ivory and burgundy. The florals were selected to match the ones that were to be used in the upcoming wedding and imperfectly painted in with the color palette of her bridesmaids dresses. Also, being from Austin and attending college there, an important detail was the Austin skyline. I designed an outline consisting of iconic skyscrapers, the state capital building, and the University of Texas main building. The coolest part of the whole suite, in my opinion, was that she took the time and care in writing out the addresses by hand. 

House Dressings Lafayette

House Dressing Lafayette has been aiding in the sell of new and old homes since 2010. Molly Kallenberger and her team can completely reinvent a space by simply rearranging what is already there, or by bringing in a truckload of new furniture and decorations. Their eye for style and layout was what impressed me the first time I saw their work in action about a year ago. While photographing a model home for Manuel Builders I was swept away the minute I walked through the doors. They started with a blank canvas, and decorated the space with warm and cozy accents for a stylish, "lived in" feeling. It was a sad moment when I realized that I had to eventually leave, instead of moving in. 

Since then I have worked with Molly, the founder of House Dressings, several times. I have to say, their team knows how to have fun, and knock it out of the park every time. Here is a behind the scenes look. For more detail and information, please stop by their site.   

Ashley and Scotty's wedding invitations

Texture was the main theme of these invitations. Ashley envisioned something that would reflect the natural vibes of her outdoor wedding that would soon take place beneath a canopy of 200 year old oaks in south Louisiana. She also wanted to incorporate this rustic paper and ribbon. So to complete her vision, I design and handprinted these watercolor invitations. The color pallet included earth tones, greens, slate, and cream. Here is the final product.  

Calaya Grayce

This little angel came into this world on the 10th of October. She weighed 9 pounds 9 ounces and measured 22.5 inches long. When she was only a few hours old she was already showing off her jovial personality. Sabrina, her mother, posted the cutest video of Calaya with the most precious smiles before even leaving the hospital. This is totally appropriate since she has her mommy's dimples. Still, most think she looks more like her daddy, Geoff!

A missionary family once visited Sabrina and Geoff's church. One of their daughters was named Calaya, and Sabrina thought the name was beautiful. Calaya is a name that actually comes from Thailand meaning "graceful". So since her middle name is also Grayce, this girl is bound to be super graceful. To be able to photograph such a stunning baby was an absolute honor. Meet #calayagrayce :)

La Cour Beausoleil Home by Manuel Builders

This beauty is located right on the outskirts of Lafayette, Louisiana in the La Cour Beausoleil neighborhood. From the minute you walk in, you feel absolutely at home. It has a wide open floor plan and feels cozy at the same time. From the front doors view, you can see a beautiful sugar cane field. This wouldn't be the first time I have wanted to own a Manuel Builders home, and I'm sure it won't be the last. Please enjoy this tour of 308 Benedict Drive with stylings by House Dressings of Lafayette. 


TBT- Nathan, Fayth and Esra.

Almost a year ago I photographed this beautiful family. Today Esra is running around like a wild child with gorgeous crystal blue eyes and a just enough teeth to wrap around her favorite snack; carrots. Her first word was "Mama", which, Fayth admits was a product of several days worth of brainwashing. One thing that is sure to mesmerize this little one is ANYTHING that feels soft like velvet. If her tiny baby hand brushes against a blanket, it's instant thumb sucking/ mini five second nap time for her.

One of the coolest things about Fayth and Nathan, other than being some of my closest friends, is how adventurous they are. These guys are world travelers, and they aren't going to let a pregnancy or a baby stop them. While they were pregnant they visited Brussels, Dordrecht, Rotterdam, Rome, Vatican City, Amsterdam, Paris, London, New York and Chicago, and "baby mooned" in Charleston, South Carolina. Esra isn't even a full year old yet, and she has more travel reward points than I do! Since she was born, this family has been to Hot Springs, Panama City, Columbus, Chicago, and Nashville.

I'm so excited to see what life has in store for Nathan and Fayth now that they have Esra in their lives! This chick is already blooming with personality and will officially be one year old on October the 20th! Happy (early) Birthday Esra! #lifewhithesra





Ashley & Scotty's Engagement Photos

I can't say that I remember ever having a new sister-in-law. My older brother was married when I was very young.. Fortunately my husband, Marc, has four brothers, which gives me plenty of opportunities to add to the sister list.

His oldest brother, Scotty, is getting married this November! Even better, he is marrying one of my closest friends, Ashley, who is actually the one who introduced me to my husband!

Yesterday, I took their engagement pictures and couldn't wait to edit and post. I am thrilled to say the least and cannot wait to see what family traditions will unfold in our future together.



Blue Hues Living Room

I am a blue addict. I'm not sure how this all happened, but I find that pretty much anything I reach for, buy, wear has some sort of blue accent. I love the beach, I love Shibori dye, I love blue jello. I'm not a weirdo- I just like blue.

Recently I photographed an interior space for Elizabeth Rountree of Elizabeth M Designs. She is based in Lafayette, Louisiana and has a hawks eye for design, color and texture. I have to say, I'm not as glamorous as she is, but I was really connecting with this space.

Doodle Break.

When I find myself in the middle of a project with designers block, I quickly have to accomplish something so that I don't feel defeated. I either sketch a little, or take the dog out for a walk. Since it is 100 degrees outside in the heart of Louisiana, I took out the pencil and sketched (Sorry, Jasper.) The 12 year old in me was definitely present for this one.

The Dragonfly Boutique

Lately I have been developing branding for small businesses. I must confess, I am loving it. To finally find your "thing" is like going to the pen isle at Office Depot (having a billion to choose from makes things complicated, people. Stay with me here) and a pack of the most precious gel pens glowing and shouting to you "Haylei, I am the pack for you!!!!" I have never actually had that happen before, although I am sure that someone out there has. My life search is over.. I think I have found my "thing."

The first thing is first. Logo design.

The Dragonfly Boutique, owned by Amy Richard, is based out of the Lafayette, Louisiana area. They revamp furniture, design quilts.. and the list goes on. If you need an interesting conversational piece, take a look at their inventory.

I was pleased when they asked me to design their logo.

Beau Savanne Home by Manuel Builders

I recently photographed this beautiful home located in the cozy neighborhood of Beau Savanne in Lafayette, Louisiana. It was built by the ever talented Manuel Home Builders and was recently featured in the 2015 Parade of Homes. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I had heartburn the minute I drove up and laid eyes on this wonderful piece of architecture. It was the good kind of heartburn, or I guess it could be bad, because I wanted to move in right then and there. Every room was perfectly staged by Molly Kallenberger and her team at House Dressings. From the living room to the bedroom, they created the coziest of settings! The house also displayed art work from local artist Kelli Kaufman. I'm going to stop now and let the pictures do the talking. Please enjoy the tour :)